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This document captures only the high level roadmap items. For the detailed backlog, see issues list.


  • Declarative Chaos Intent via custom resources
  • Chaos Operator to orchestrate chaos experiments
  • Off the shelf / ready chaos experiments for general Kubernetes chaos
  • Self sufficient, Centralized Hub for chaos experiments
  • Per-experiment minimal RBAC permissions definition
  • Creation of 'scenarios' involving multiple faults via Argo-based Chaos Workflows (with examples for microservices apps like podtato-head and sock-shop)
  • Cross-Cloud Control Plane (Litmus Portal) to perform chaos against remote clusters
  • Helm3 charts for LitmusChaos (control plane and experiments)
  • Support for admin mode (centralized chaos management) as well as namespaced mode (multi-tenant clusters)
  • Continuous chaos via flexible schedules, with support to halt/resume or (manual/conditional) abort experiments
  • Generation of observability data via Prometheus metrics and Kubernetes chaos events for experiments
  • Steady-State hypothesis validation before, during and after chaos injection via different probe types
  • Support for Docker, Containerd & CRI-O runtime
  • Support for scheduling policies (nodeSelector, tolerations) and resource definitions for chaos pods
  • Support for ARM64 nodes
  • Scaffolding scripts (SDK) to help bootstrap a new chaos experiment in Go, Python, Ansible
  • Support orchestration of non-native chaos libraries via the BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Chaos) model
  • Support for OpenShift platform
  • Integration tests & e2e framework creation for control plane components and chaos experiments
  • Documentation (usage guide for chaos operator, resources & developer guide for new experiment creation)
  • Add architecture details & design resources
  • Define community sync up cadence and structure

In-Progress (Under Active Development)

  • Support for all ChaosEngine schema elements within workflow wizard
  • Workflow YAML linter addition
  • Minimized role permissions for Chaos Service Accounts
  • Chaos-center users account to chaosService account map
  • Provide complete workflow termination/abort capability
  • Cross-hub experiment support within a Chaos Workflow
  • Helm Chart for Chaos Execution Plane
  • Enhanced CRD schema for ChaosEngine to support advanced CommandProbe configuration
  • Support for S3 artifact sink (helps performance/benchmark runs)
  • ChaosHub refactor for 2.x user flow
  • Chaos experiments against virtual machines and cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure, VMWare, Baremetal)
  • Improved documentation and tutorials for Litmus Portal based execution flow
  • Off the shelf chaos-integrated monitoring dashboards for application chaos categories
  • Support for user defined chaos experiment result definition
  • Increased fault injection types (IOChaos, HTTPChaos, JVMChaos)
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) around specific areas in the project to take the roadmap forward


  • Pre-defined chaos workflows to inject chaos during application benchmark runs
  • Support for cloudevents compliant chaos events
  • Improved application Chaos Suites for various CNCF projects